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Welcome to AG Moments, where every click captures a story. Specializing in family, event, and product photography, we turn life's fleeting moments into lasting memories. Let's create your visual legacy together.


Celebrating Your Life’s Journey

AG Moments is more than a photography service; we're storytellers capturing your family's journey. Our approach is to work intimately with you, understanding your vision and desires, and tailoring each session to vividly capture your life's most meaningful chapters. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of outdoor settings or the controlled ambiance of our studio, we're here to bring your dream photos to life.


Family Photography Sessions

Celebrate the bonds and joys of family life with our photography sessions. We offer a variety of settings, including comfortable in-studio sessions or vibrant outdoor shoots, capturing the essence of your family's love and connection.

Event Photography

Immortalize the energy and emotion of your special events with our expert photography. From vibrant music performances and concerts to intimate birthdays and anniversaries, we capture the essence of each occasion, preserving every significant moment and detail for you to cherish forever.

Product Photography Sessions

Each product shoot is a chance to highlight the distinct character of your brand. We engage with you to understand your vision for themes, settings, and props, crafting a custom experience that truly represents the personality and values of your products.

Digital and Print Photography Packages

Explore our range of photography packages, offering both digital and print options. Details on edited image counts, print sizes, and additional offerings such as custom albums or wall art are available.



How can we prepare for a family photography session?

To prepare for a family photography session, consider the following:

Outfits: Choose coordinating outfits that reflect your family's style and the session's theme. Avoid overly busy patterns or logos.

Props: Think about any special items or props that might add a personal touch to your photos.

Mood and Expectations: Discuss as a family what kind of photos you'd like to capture, whether candid, posed, or a mix.

Rest and Meals: Ensure everyone, especially children, are well-rested and have had a meal or snack before the session to keep energy levels up.

Communicate with Your Photographer: Share any specific ideas, concerns, or needs with me, Angel Garcia, beforehand, so I can tailor the session to your expectations.

What should I expect during an event photography session with AG Moments?

At AG Moments, our event photography sessions are designed to capture the essence and energy of your special occasion. You can expect a blend of candid and posed shots, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of your event. We start by discussing your specific needs and preferences, including key moments you want captured. During the event, our team will be discreet yet attentive, capturing the atmosphere, important guests, and significant moments. After the event, we'll provide a curated collection of images that tell the story of your day, all reflecting the highest standards of quality and creativity that AG Moments is known for.

What options are available for location and setting?

AG Moments offers a variety of location and setting options for your photography session:

In-Studio Sessions: Perfect for controlled lighting and privacy, our studio is equipped to create a range of backdrops and themes.

Outdoor Shoots: Ideal for natural light and scenic backgrounds, we can select a location that resonates with your family, be it a park, beach, urban setting, or your own backyard.

Home Sessions: We can also come to your home for a more personal and intimate setting, capturing your family in your own comfortable environment.


Committed to excellence and passionate about photography, we collaborate to turn each session into a memorable story.

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